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netspa Octopus- 4/6 places


The high-end SPA now accessible

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Great new addition to the netspa range

The Octopus spa perfectly married the advantages of a large 4-6-seat spa, with the exterior dimensions of a 4-seater inflatable spa.

Its 13cm foam panel structure comes together in a few minutes to give both the necessary stiffness, but also the insulation and comfort essential.

The interior liner incorporates an insulating mat, as well as vertical bubble channels, ideal for back relaxation.

Its intelligent engine block netspa provide heating, filtration, but also relaxing bubbles, for reduced maintenance and tenfold pleasure.


  • Very deep spa (neck and shoulders in total immersion for a full massage).
  • Triple function (Massage / Heating / Filtering)
  • Smart engine - economic
  • Electrical protection 10mA
  • 100% secure insulating cover
  • Simplicity of installation and use
  • Optimized insulation


  • Inflatable and electronic structure 2 years
Montage du spa

Portable Spa

  • Easy installation and use: The Octopus can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. Built with an ingenious system of 8 foam walls, its installation is done in less than 15 minutes!
  • Optimal comfort: The rigid foam walls provide a better seat for an even more enjoyable spa session.
  • Design: Designed with a top leather coating, the Octopus spa will decorate your home or garden with elegance.
Massage / Chauffage et Filtration

More comfort

netspa designed the Octopus to the standards of the best ceramic spas. Ultra-deep with 70cm walls, you can fully immerse your neck and neck for a full massage session. The filtration cartridge built into the external engine block will save extra space inside the basin, ideal for 4 to 6 people.

Bâche de sécurité

100% secure

  • Low-intensity outdoor differential plug - 10mA Spa closure with safety system
  • Double insulation of the electric heater
  • Triple protection against refoulement
  • Protection from overheating (water up to 42oC)
  • Locking the control panel

Equipment included

Boîte du Octopus
Differential take
1 bacti-stop filter
Bouchon de vidange
Tuyau de drainage
Drainage pipe
2 bouchons
2 caps
2 bouchons
Filtering support

Revolutionary SAV solution

  • An easy and achievable approach for all!
  • No intervention or change on the product
  • Don't empty your pelvis for repairs
  • A quick and efficient repair guaranteed!

Basin Characteristics

Schema des dimensions
Capacity 4/2 people
Inside Dimensions 165 cm x H 73 cm
Outdoor Dimensions 193 cm x H 73 cm
Water volume 1000 L
Weight (empty) 36 kg
Air nozzle 100
Walls Foam walls 14 cm thick - 8 pieces
Outer Liner Woven PVC Textilene cover 0.8mm thick
Inside Liner 0.6mm acrylic white pearl PVC
Insulated coverage Warms the water with solar energy and prevents loss
Loops Secure closure with special loops

Engine block features

Schema du moteur
Control panel Built-in digital panel
Food 240V - 50Hz
Airand bubble pump 850 W
Sound level Bubble pump 68 dB to 1m
Filter pump 40 W
Sound level Filter 55 dB to 1m
Filter flow 1200 L/h
PTCPower Heater 2000 W
Speed 1.5 degrees Celsius - 3 degrees Celsius/hour
Maximum temperature 42 degrees Celsius
Double insulation of the heater
Terms of use 5c - more

Also check out our furniture dedicated to the Octopus

Mobilier du SPA Octopus
Double étagère

Double shelf

Habillage bloc moteur

Engine block dressing

Marche haute

High walking


Comfort bench


Low shelf

5 unique modules, available in all-inclusive packs.


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netspa Octopus- 4/6 places

netspa Octopus- 4/6 places

The high-end SPA now accessible

Watch the video click here

Logo Spa Rover

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